Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kanada ?

If I were to compile a list of the ten strangest novels ever written, Franz Kafka's Amerika would most certainly make the cut. Kafka was never an easy read, but what makes this novel doubly bizarre - doubly Kafkaesque, if you will- is the fact that Kafka had never visited the United States. He had no first hand knowledge of life here. The work was strictly a product of his imagination.
I thought about that novel a few days ago as I read a number of blogs by folks living outside the U.S.- more specifically, Canada and Ireland.
In one blog, the topic turned to the recent shootings at a mall in Omaha, Nebraska.Naturally, the blame was laid upon the availability of firearms here.One Canadian girl said that she had wanted to move to the U.S. for the milder climate, but she was afraid to come here because of incidences such as this.I found that ironic since Canada is the home of the pig farmer-serial killer. His victims are believed to triple, if not quadruple, the number killed in the mall shooting. His method of killing was not an AK47 but strangulation.
An Irish blogger seemed particularly "cross" with Mitt Romney's speech on religion.It upset him to no end that Romney had overlooked atheists and was sure they would be discriminated against should Mitt be elected.
Give me a break.
Is it just a case of bad manners ? I would never suggest to anyone outside the U.S. how they should run their country or for whom they should vote.
Sure, this country isn't perfect, but some of these folks need to clean up their own house. If we are as bad as some would have us believe, then why is everyone trying to come here ?

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