Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Surfing for Dumaguete blogs

I spend a good bit of time surfing for blogs about Dumaguete that I can put on my website. I usually put my thoughts about Dumaguete on one of my other blogs and I don’t intend for this blog to be about Dumaguete per se, but it’s bound to pop up from time to time.

While surfing the blogs, I came across this particular photo on a blog that I've been to a few times before villageidiotsavant.blogspot.com. The link for the entry with this photo is is here . I left a comment on that blog, but there’s so much more that can be said about this image.

The poverty in Philippines is heart breaking. For some, it’s even difficult buying rice….not to mention vegetables, meat or fish to eat with the rice. Contrast that to “the poor” in the U.S.A. who have material things that can only be dreamt of by the majority of Filipinos.

Technology is available…….cell phones and Internet cafes are found in even the most isolated areas of the country. Filipinos are intelligent and industrious; much more so than the average American. So, what is the answer? We know from the example of “The Great Society” in the U.S. that socialism isn’t the answer; socialist give-aways make the poor even more dependant on the government.

Obviously, Philippines is in need of foreign capital investment. What will it take to bring in the foreign money? I wish I knew.


Bob said...

I saw this and thought a little bit about your commentary on how poor it is in the Philippines, yet there is evidence of 21 century technology everywhere.

I think that you are right in one sense as far there being poverty, but very wrong in another. Because the people of the Philippines are so adaptable to 21st century technology they have an amazing potential to blend those advancements with the very Natural and Harmonic way of life that exists in that country today. The natural way is not as forgiving with it’s "the strong survive theme". Where the country might be poor when it comes to cash flow and dollars and cents it is very rich in culture and natural lifestyle. There is an amazing opportunity to blend technology and 21st century advancement with a natural life style and way of life.

I looked at that picture, read your comment, and thought to myself....... growing up in the sticks isn't so bad for little boys. I was addicted to that game they are playing when I was a kid.

Bob said...
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