Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thanks, Guys.

The drainage in our house hasn't been top notch since we moved in this past June. The toilets, tubs and sinks have never drained fast enough - as far as I was seemed to me that something was causing a clog in the main drain.

Last night, while I was at work, my wife called to tell me that it had gotten worse. It was obvious now that a serious clog had developed; flushing the toilet in one part of the house made the toilet in another part (closest to the street) over flow. Even running water in the kitchen sink was coming out in the bathroom.

There was no way I could afford a professional plumber. I called my friend, Jerry for help. He's an electrician - not a plumber, but he's working on a house and one of the guys working with him knows plumbing.

We rented an auger and Jerry's friend, Chris, removed the toilet and ran the 75 feet of cable through the drain line. Chris said he could feel the obstruction about 5 or 6 feet down.

Whatever was clogging the drain line was pushed through and into the main sewer.

Chris replaced the toilet and everything is working better than the day we bought the house.

Jerry and Chris wouldn't take money. I only had to pay the rental on the auger and for a new wax seal kit for the toilet.

Thanks, Jerry and Chris.

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