Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dawn Johnsen Withdraws.

In one bit of good news coming from Washington, we learn that Dawn Johnsen - President Obama's nominee to head the Office of Legal Counsel - has withdrawn her bid for confirmation.

If one were to believe articles written in the huffington post and the opposition to Johnsen's nomination stems from Johnsen's legal opinions on John Yoo and the torture of detainees during the Bush years.

Let me put the record straight. I do not support torture. Had this issue been the main focus of Johnsen's legal career I would have found no reason to oppose her. However, as I wrote in a previous post [Obama nominates another pro-abortion monster] Johnsen's views on abortion are completely unacceptable to anyone with even an ounce of compassion towards the unborn.

In my previous post, I included this from Congressman Steve King's opinion piece on Johnsen's nomination;
"Johnsen has condemned virtually every type of regulation of abortion conceived by a legislature and espoused a passionate pro-choice agenda throughout her career.
Her public records are dominated by pro-abortion rhetoric and criticisms of the pro-life movement."

A list of Johnsen's more outrages quotes on abortion can be found on the Susan B Anthony List website.

We have little to be thankful for these days as far as politics is concerned. We should be thankful for Johnsen's withdrawal.

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