Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Father and son share a cold.

My wife and I decided to put our 14 month old son into daycare 2 days a week so my wife could get in a full work-week.I can be Mr.Mom most days but not every week day.As soon as he was enrolled he caught a nasty cold from another child.As for the extra money my wife earned that week,well, after paying for the daycare, the visit to the Doctor's office and the meds.,it was not worth the aggravation.He was miserable for about a week and though he's better now, it's still hanging on in a mild form even now.
It wasn't long before I caught the cold from the baby.I know what he's been going thru and it's not pleasant.Sore throat-runny nose-stuffy nose-sneezing-headaches. It's amazing to me that he was not crabbier than he was. I feel absolutely horrid.It's nearly impossible to take care of him and work on the website and blogs too.I hope my wife doesn't come down with this too.I don't wish this on my worst enemy.I'm hoping to be up and about and wrestling with the boy soon.It's more of the type of father and son activity we should be doing.

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