Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Bishop blasts Rudy Giuliani

Every morning I received an email from Zenit News Agency with links to several news stories of interest to Catholics.Today, there was a piece about a Bishop who had written a column blasting presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani . I had never heard of Bishop Thomas Tobin before this; but I have a new hero after reading what he had to say.
He says of Giuliani,
"Rudy’s public proclamations on abortion are pathetic and confusing. Even worse, they’re hypocritical."
Knowing the mayor's "pro choice" position, I could not vote for him should he become the Republican Party's candidate for 2008. This will be difficult for me when I consider who the Democrats will likely nominate.
The primaries are still a long way off and perhaps the Republicans will nominate someone more to my liking. I'm not optimistic. At this point, I don't see anyone who I can be enthusiastic about. It's quite possible that I will have to sit out the November 2008 election.

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