Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Free Heywood

One of the pitfalls disadvantages advantages of having a widely read highly respected blog is that I often sometimes receive email from a loser reader who can provide me with something useful.Such was the case today.
In a previous post, I told the story of Heywood Jadoit, a Canadian here as an exchange student, who was expelled from school and arrested for singing the French Canadian folk song 'Alouette' at his school.
For those of you who are lucky to have missed that post, I'll provide a link to it here.
When I opened my email this morning I found an email from someone claiming to be an employee of the Whitfield County, GA. jail where Jadoit is being held without bail.This deadbeat astute reader had secretly taken a photo of Jadoit in the booking room of the jail.This bum employee would send the photo to me for an outrageous small amount of money.Like a fool I immediately sent the money via Western Union. (I don't really understand why he had me send it to Nigeria, but that's OK).The photo I received shows the tortuous conditions in which Jadoit is being held; it rivals the cruelty shown to the prisoners at Abu Grave Abu Grab Abu Ghraib.
The photo I received is so horribly graphic that I can only provide a link to it.Those of you brave enough to look at it do so at your own risk. As I said before, we must all work together to FREE HEYWOOD JADOIT. To see the photo click here.

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