Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Few Thoughts on the 2008 Election.

The 2008 Presidential election is still more than a year away , but I want to put down a few thoughts on how I think things will shape up.I don't claim to have any psychic abilities ; this is just a test of my political savvy.

Of course, predicting who the Democratic candidate will be is easy. Barring some sort of unbelievably bizarre event ,Hillary Clinton will be the number one choice of the Democratic Party. The only question is who will be her Vice Presidential running mate?

With Democrats, perception is everything. Her choice will be based on her judgment of what "looks right". We can be sure that she will not pick any white male. She wants to be seen as a leader and having a white male as a running mate will look like she is picking her own "Cheney" who will be secretly running the show.

She'll not pick a female. She doesn't want to be upstaged by a female VP. Not to mention , she will not want to be seen as just a Women's ticket. Her only choice will be to pick a minority male; possibly Barack Obama or a Hispanic politician. Neal Boortz is predicting she'll choose Bill Richardson but I don't think he'll appear "Hispanic" enough for the Democrats.

She'll win the nomination, but will she win the election? Depends. Contrary to what the experts tell you, the U.S. President is picked primarily on "like-ability". Hillary is certainly not a like-able person. It will be the Republican's election to lose. All they have to do to win is pick a candidate that Americans "like" more than Clinton....not a hard thing to do. But, they could blow it.

The Republicans need only find a candidate that the average American would want to hang out with.....having a pizza and beer. Nobody would want Hillary over to the house and everything else being equal , that's going to be hard for her to overcome.

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