Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Intellectual Dishonesty of the Modern Atheist.

Whenever I have difficulties thinking of subjects for the blog, I follow a certain routine looking for inspiration.I'll check out a couple of my favorite blogs,but if that fails, I'll go to Drudge Report for the latest news.If that doesn't give me enough to think about, I'll check out a second tier of blogs.
I was doing that a few days back. I went to a blog that I only rarely read.The young woman is certainly a talented writer but her posts are far too often filled with too much angst for my tastes.That day, she had written a piece about the possibility that she may----or may not----become an atheist.
I decided to write something about my thoughts on atheism and that called for a bit of research.
From what I've read, most modern atheists are not so much true atheists as they are anti-religion, particularly Protestant fundamentalism.
Looking at various blogs and web sites, I don't see them providing arguments attempting to disprove Islam or Hinduism although they have a lot to say about the Bible and Jesus.They seem oblivious to that fact that there are entire religions that don't believe the teachings of Protestant fundamentalism but still believe in a God.
It seems to me that if these folks were really intellectually honest, they would be arguing against "God" in all His forms.They'd be attacking the idea that there really is an underlying "creative intelligence" behind it all. That is, after all, what they claim to believe. If they could prove that this universe is just a random collection of atoms ( that appear from who knows where ) coming together under uncreated laws of physics they would not have to confront each religion individually.
On a less serious note; I went to the American Atheists website and discovered that they are planning a Winter Solstice party in New Jersey this coming December 22ND. I don't understand the point of that.Winter Solstice celebrations been associated with paganism and sun-worship.Surely, they don't subscribe to any of that.
My guess is, that most modern atheists come from a Judeo-Christian background and miss celebrating Christmas and/or Hanukkah. Having a Winter Solstice party allows them to have the Yule decorations and Santa Claus.
Ho Ho Ho.


Anonymous said...

my guess is they rally around what they see daily, and in politics.
people have problems with what is forced on them , which is the most popular religion in their area.
and of course if you are in a Muslim country , not likely that you will make your opinions public, well only once anyway.

RTS said...

Contrary to what some would have us believe, no one in this country forces their religion on anyone.Everyone is free to worship or not.
I have no idea what "my guess is they rally around what they see daily, and in politics." is supposed to mean.