Friday, February 6, 2009

Punchline Needed.

When I came across a recent photo of Obama on Drudge's website, the expression on his face was so classically doofuesque that I couldn't resist downloading it and modifying it ever so slightly.
Now, all that's needed is something appropriate to fill into the word bubble.
Suggestions welcome.Place your suggestion in the comment area. (note that it must be able to fit inside......don't make it too long).


Wayne said...

"Oh, and send "Big hands" McCormick to cavity search spongebob"

Dominique said...

Change it to a thought bubble instead. And...nothing inside. :-))

Or, how about a picture of a few pennies. You know..."Change?"

Al said...

"Have you accepted Bozo as your savior?"

It will be interesting to see who gets the different levels of that punchline. It is also funny as at the DBQ Rotary Club meeting last Wed a retired clown from the area was the speaker & had everyone put on a clown nose.