Thursday, May 14, 2009

Obama Biblical Poll Redux.

In a D'offus of the Big-Doofus post from January, 22nd [Which Biblical Character is Most Like Obama?] I wrote of a story where it was reported that boxing promoter Don King said Barack Obama was similar to the Biblical character of Joshua and Martin Luther King Jr. was like Moses.

This story inspired me to put a poll on the blog asking my readers reader to decide which Biblical character is really most like Obama.

The choices (and the percentage each choice received) were:

Adam 0%
Eve 5%
the Serpent 23%
Moses 13%
the anti-christ 28%
the jaw bone of an ass (the clear winner) 47%

You'll note, the totals add up to 116%. Anyone having a problem with that can take it up with blogspot.

So why, you might ask, am I bringing this up now? is reporting that the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, has published an article titled "The Biblical Matrix of Obama's Rhetoric; the New Frontier and the Promised Land,". The writer, Lucia Annunziata, does a Don King and likewise compares Obama to Joshua and King to Moses.

With this latest update, I've decided to re-do the poll and put it on this blog rather than at the Big Doofus...this blog gets many more hits and maybe the results will be different.
The poll closes on June 20th.

Note: using different browsers allows you to vote more than once.

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Steven P. Cornett said...

The more I see the press, even the Vatican press, get caught up in developing new ways to praise Obama, the more I see Obama as being a Biblical type of the anti-Christ, or the Man of Lawlessness of St. Paul in 2nd Thessalonians.