Monday, February 8, 2010

Pagan Worship at the Air Force Acadamy.

In a recent guest article for the Washington Post, [Air Force's pagan mistake] Robert Jeffress,
Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas uses a bit of "logic" that I find a bit difficult to follow.

Jeffress claims to have ".... denounced televangelist Pat Robertson for claiming the Haitian earthquake was the result of God's judgment ....." yet, he then turns around and says that a decision of the Air Force Academy to allow an outdoor worship area for followers of Earth-centered (Pagan) religions will bring down God's wrath upon the United States. No, according to Jeffress, God did not punish the people of Haiti for any pact with the Devil or their use of Voodoo, but He will punish us because the Air Force is permitting Druids, Wiccans and an assortment of other neopagans to worship "idols" on Air Force Academy property.

In a piece for [Air Force Academy Recognizes Paganism:] contributor Michael Terheyden also criticizes the decision. Terheyden writes that the Air Force is wrong to put paganism and other Earth based religions on an equal footing with Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism.

The argument put forward by the Air Force is that our Constitution allows freedom of religion for all of us. Earth-centered worship falls within the definition of religion as defined in the United States Air Force. ( See Instruction 36-2706.)

I admit that, in my view, Earth-centered religions are not equal to the teachings of the Catholic Church. But, then again, neither are Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and the thousands of Protestant denominations recognized by the Air Force. I consider Protestantism to be a dangerous belief system. It may not be politically correct to say this, but, if we are to recognize the Protestants, then, by all means, allow the Pagans their worship areas too.

Oh, by the way; the photo to the left is of Tech. Sgt. Brandon Longcrier "consecrating" the pagans' worship circle with white sage and not a ginormous doobie.

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Amanda West said...

Well, Jeffress sounds like an idiot. Did he not realize the whole thing is a double-standard?

But I think Pat Robertson an idiot also.

But anyways, I have disagree with Judaism not being on the same footing with Christianity.

Christ was simply the ending to the story. The Jews are simply still waiting for the messiah.

So, I don't really see how we're that different from them. Besides for Christ. They worship the same God.

Well, actually, so do the followers of Islam. They just have a different messiah.

Oh, well this is turning out longer than I intened it to be.

But what's wrong with Protestants?

I believe Christ is the only way to heaven.

My husband is Catholic and the only way we have ever disagreed is his idea that because he was baptised as an infant, he's already saved.

I believe you have to choose Christ, he can't be choosen for you.

Robert said...

Your husband's idea that he is saved because he was baptized as an infant is not Catholic teaching.
As to why I believe Protestantism is dangerous, a good place to start would be this post.

Amanda West said...

Okay. I read that post and I watched the video, which I must say was really intriguing.

I've had some horrible experiences in protest churches but also in Catholic churches.

I don't agree that everyone should just interpret the Bible as they see fit.

Though, I do believe the Holy Ghost moves and speaks to us individually.

Actually, you've got me sort of curious about the whole thing.. So I'm going to research it some.

I'll let you know what kind of stuff I find out. Maybe you'll have some helpful input?

But, have you ever read Frank Peretti's book The Visitaion? It's one of my favorites and it's got a whole lot about the seperation of protestant and catholics in the book and it was a really interesting read.

Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Christ is the only way to heaven. Since there can be only one God, we all do worship that God. There are Protestants and Catholics who are legalists who focus on the "rules" and miss the message of Christ. Christ cannot be chosen for you. We should be suspicious of anyone, Protestant or Catholic, who claims the other is "dangerous". The holy spirit moves and works through true believers, not a denomination.

Robert said...

To Amanda,
No, I haven't read the book you mentioned. I'm curious about what sort of horrible experiences you've had in Catholic churches.
To anonymous,
If you are straying from Christ's teaching....which the Protestants do....then you are dangerous.

Amanda West said...
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Amanda West said...

Okay I'm gonna try this again.

Got the link wrong last time. Anyways, I was looking up some stuff about the differences between Catholisism and Protestant and I came to this site.

Would you say that is a correct list of main differences?

Or is it off?

Amanda West said...
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Robert said...

Hi Amanda,
I took a quick look at the list.
It's almost time for me to head for work. When I have more time, I'll study the comparison and give you my 2 cents worth.

Amanda West said...

Oh man this thing is driving me nuts.

The end of that site that got cut off is:


Robert said...

@ Amanda,
My emails are showing me the comments you've deleted.... everything's OK. The urls are coming through just fine.

Robert said...

Just going to make it a proper link to make it easier. Just click here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for proving my point about legalists

Robert said... only proves your point in your own mind.

Robert said...

My comments on your url starts here.