Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Costume Update.

As I mentioned last week [Halloween Costume] some clever costume maker had come up with an "illegal alien" costume which was soon made "unavailable" because some "immigrants" had objected to it.

Being the politically incorrect person that I am, I felt I had to create my own to wear at a Halloween-slash-birthday party Saturday.
The orange jumpsuit was given to me by my friend Lowell (seen in the photo below wearing the clown costume) and the mask was something I picked up at Kmart....I added the antennae.

My home-made costume was a lot cheaper to make than the $39.99 (plus shipping) it would have cost if it had still been available online.


Mickey said...

I'd have known you anywhere.

LarryD said...

So who's that other guy in the picture supposed to be? A Call-to-Action mass liturgist?

Robert said...

Larry....I thought so too, at first. But then I remembered that a Call-to-Action mass liturgist would not be afraid of illegal aliens.