Friday, May 14, 2010

An Email.

I received the following as an email this morning. I believe it is worth sharing. The writer says he desires no credit, so he will remain anonymous.

Bob, I put this together this week. If you deem it worthy, share it as you please. I desire no credit.

Several people have asked my opinion on Elena Kagan's nomination to the highest court of this nation. I will give it my best shot. You and I may view our republic from different perspectives, but I trust that you will take my comments as my honest assessment of the situation.

Before I address the specific question, please allow me to explain my assessment of President Obama. I honestly believe that I am neither racist nor bigoted. However, I feel the election of our current president, together with the stranglehold on congress held by Reid and Pelosi and their minions could prove fatal to our republic as it was designed and has been for over two hundred years. I do not condone his expressed intent to "spread the wealth around" Where does he get the authority to tell you, me or any other citizen that "at some point you have made enough money?" These are not the ramblings of some right-wing talk show host. They are indisputable objective facts and words from his own lips.

He is hailed as the historic "first black president." Not only is that claimed distinction an inherently racial classification; but also it is an outright mischaracterization of reality. True, his skin color is darker than many in this country, and I feel certain that single physical trait led millions of "black" voters and many liberals suffering from "white guilt" to vote him into the presidency. Genetically, he is just as much white as he is black He is the chance biological result of a sexual encounter between a young white woman ideologue and a radical Kenyan rogue. That rogue somehow came to marry her when she was three months pregnant with with the current President of the United States. Culturally, he is far more non-black, having been abandoned by his father during infancy and reared by his mother, her parents and his Indonesian stepfather.

Let's don't forget his "mentor" in Hawaii, Frank Marshall Davis, an admitted member of the Communist Party USA. Let's don't forget his 20-year attendance at the raging, virulent sermons of Jeremiah Wright. Let's don't forget his long association with William Ayers, an admitted terrorist bomber of public buildings. Ayers was the husband of Bernardine Dohrn, who worked at the prestigious Chicago law firm, Sidley Austin. She held a law degree. but because of her terrorist criminal conviction record, she could not be licensed to practice law; so the firm hired her as a paralegal. By the way, Obama was a summer associate at that firm; that's where he met the lovely Michelle, who was then an associate lawyer there. Is it at all reasonable to wonder whether coffee breaks at that firm might have been somewhat conducive to enhance one's radical orientation?

I think he knows that the Supreme Court, as presently constituted, will not allow him to shame the Constitution with his radical ideas, I think he fears that the the Court will act as it did when it threw out several of FDR's New Deal programs in the thirties. He is trying his own modern "court-packing plan. He has already placed Sotomayor, "a wise Latina woman, who can make better decisions than some white man who has not had her life experience."

Now it is Kagan, who, just as he, has no real experience in the real world. Her only accomplishments were to ban the ROTC recruiters from the Harvard law school (a ruling later overturned by the Supreme Court) and to argue unsuccessfully before that court in favor of a federal statute which was clearly violate of the First Amendment. In oral argument of that case, CITIZENS UNITED, she actually argued that a pamphlet, which is "pretty classic" electioneering" could be regulated by the federal government. The Court, of course, ruled against her on that, leading to Obama's shameful public insult to the court members at the State of The Union address. They attended as a matter of courtesy, yet had to sit there while being ridiculed to their faces.

You might have gathered that I am not a huge fan of these people, especially Barack, The Wicked Witch of the West and Dirty Harry Reid.


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