Saturday, July 24, 2010

Female "Bishop" Resigns.

So, let's see.......

One of the arguments put forward by those proposing the ordination of women in the Roman Catholic church goes like this; having celibate unmarried males exclusively in the priesthood goes against Nature.

Allowing women (and married men) into the priesthood would almost certainly eliminate sexual abuse by priests.

The latest news concerning Lutheran Bishop Maria Jepsen shows how illogical that argument has been all along. Jepsen, the first woman to be anointed bishop in the Lutheran Church, resigned on July 16 after having been instrumental in a cover up of sexual abuse by "Pastor Dieter K."

After becoming aware of the Pastor's sexual abuse of three of his stepsons, Bishop Jepsen transferred Pastor Dieter K. in 1999 to a prison chaplaincy in order to prevent further contact with children.

According to an article on;

"The female bishop had said she had no knowledge of a pastor's involvement in child sex abuse cases in Ahrensburg during the 1980s and only became aware of them last March.

But recent reports in the German news magazine Der Spiegel and the daily Hamburger Abendblatt claimed Jepsen knew of the priest's suspected behavior in 1999."

What do we have here?
Married Protestant "priest" Pastor Dieter K. molests his stepsons.
Female "Bishop" turns a blind eye.

As noted in a press release from Catholic League president Bill Donohue ;

"It is definitely true that sexual abusers are mostly male, but there is no evidence that when it comes to handling such issues, women in positions of authority do a better job than men. Mothers of abused youngsters, along with nuns, female teachers, social workers, counselors, lawyers and law enforcement agents have acted just as badly as men. But don’t tell that to Maureen Dowd—it would ruin her day."

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Al said...

So, what century do you think it will be when the Main Stream Media pays any attention to this?

Interestingly enough, it was about 30 years ago that I knew a happily married Lutheran pastor here in DBQ who gave the best defense I ever heard for a celebate priesthood.