Thursday, November 11, 2010

Democrats Holding Their Ground.

It's amazing how two individuals can look at the same event yet come up with two completely contradictory opinions regarding the meaning of that event.

I'm referring to Washington Post writer, E.J. Dionne and Ann Coulter and their different understanding as to what transpired on November 2nd.

Dionne looked at the recent election - and the drubbing received by the Democrats - and came to the conclusion that the electorate wants the Democrats to continue their attempt to drag the country further to the Left. Dionne wrote of the 2008 election, when "the largest number of voters in American history gave the Democrats their largest share of the presidential vote in 44 years and big majorities in the House and Senate" and concluded that we, as a nation, really do want to live in the world as envisioned by Obama.

Unlike Coulter, Dionne hasn't caught on that the 2008 election results came from a disproportionate number of air-headed 18 to 26 year old children voting for "Obama as a fashion statement". Contrariwise, the 2010 election was the product of mature, clear thinking, tax paying adults taking back control of the country. Thankfully, it's normally difficult to get the young to vote.....and even harder during an off year election. With many of the young disillusioned with Obama, the children that put him into office stayed home this past November.

Dionne wants the Democrats to hold their ground. Don't give in to the Republicans, he says. In spite of the fact that the recent Republican victory was massive in scope - on the State and Federal levels - Dionne is convinced that the GOP is made up of extremists who do not represent the American people.

I hope he gets his wish. I hope that the Democrats continue to show us exactly what they believe and the direction in which they want to take us. Democrats holding their ground will bring about further loses for them in 2012.

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