Saturday, November 6, 2010

Movie Review.

Ever the blogging pioneer par excellence, LarryD of actsoftheapostasy has done it again with his post, "Dan And Fran": An AoftheA Cinematic Presentation.

With the help of, Larry has created a funny video satirizing the issue of women in the Catholic priesthood.

After viewing the video, I went to and let me tell you, it's obvious that Larry put a lot of effort into making this little gem.

It gets my vote for the next Academy Awards.


LarryD said...

And if I win the award, you will be one of the many people I will thank!

It took me a couple days, and once I got the hang of dragging the camera angles and animations into the script, it went easier. The hardest thing was timing the character animations to the proper moment of dialogue.

There might be future "Dan and Fran" movies, so keep watching! Same bat time, same bat channel!

Al said...

Actually, I can see it winning several awards, Best Picture, Best Animated Short, Best Screenplay, Best Director & maybe a few others as well.