Sunday, January 9, 2011

Don't Pay the Ransom........

......I've escaped.

No, seriously, my first week back at work after Christmas “vacation” was spent pretty much the same as my weeks prior to the time off. That is, taking advantage of some temporarily available overtime at work. The availability of this overtime isn't the result of an improving economy – no, the Obama recession is still with us. The fact is, someone on third shift is out on a medical leave and the work has to be done. This week I've put in 64 hours; 2 eight hour days and three 16s.

After abusing myself with the long hours, I decided that I would “reward” myself by purchasing a few items from my wish list. The list is quite long. I'd buy the last two items I had added recently: "Light of the World: The Pope, The Church and The Signs Of The Times" by Peter Seewald & Pope Benedict XVI and a hardcover edition of "Catechism of the Catholic Church”. (I have a copy of the Catechism in paperback, but it needs to be replaced).

When I put those two books on the wish list, the total price was a few cents over $25 so they'd be eligible for free shipping. When I went to place the order, I discovered that the price of one of the books had been lowered just enough to put the total under $, no free shipping. The shipping would add 6 bucks to the cost. It made more sense to order something else I wanted from my list. The lowest priced item on my wish list was an audio CD by Leonard Cohen - "I'm Your Man". Using the money I would have wasted on shipping means, I actually get the CD for approximately one dollar.

As I said, this overtime is probably just temporary. Maybe one day soon, I'll have time to read the books.

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