Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hitting the Big Time.

Sometimes, in spite of the evidence from Google Analytics, I wonder if anyone is reading this blog. My posts rarely receive the volume of comments of other blogs I read.

It seems now, however, I may have finally hit the big time, so to speak.

Going over to Creative Minority Report this afternoon, I discovered that Matthew Archbold had been to my blog and utilized a photo from my post, Obama's Lack of Leadership Qualities, putting the photo into his post, 7 Reasons Obama and Easter Bunny Are Frighteningly Similar.

The proof that one of the Archbold brothers would visit my humble blog is as monumental as LarryD discovering that Pope Benedict reads his blog.


LarryD said...

Yeah, it's a heady feeling, but it'll pass. Just lay down on the couch until the room stops spinning.


Al said...

I don't know about LarryD, but I do know someone from the Vatican occasionally looks in on my blog.