Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chinese Stamina Pill Made from Dead Babies.

I came across this story by way of Creative Minority Report. It's the sort of story that needs to be posted on Facebook, but, unfortunately, CMR has been deemed a "spam site" by the higher-ups at FB and links to CMR cannot be posted there.
I'm not nearly as big a fish as the Archbold brothers, so my humble blog doesn't get blocked. I can write on this horror story without fear of censorship from the powers that be.

According to the CMR piece, hospitals in China are selling the bodies of aborted and stillborn babies to a drug company which dries and grinds the bodies for "stamina" pills.
Matthew Archold at CMR was sent this story that appears in a Korean newspaper called the New Daily. Matt ran the Korean text through the Google translator and gets this:

When the hospital has a deceased baby case, the staff, who are openly involved, are instructed to immediately notify the medicine company. The documentary team reveals the super secret process of how the Dead Baby Pill is made.

The medicine company stores these dead babies in a normal family’s refrigerator, so no one can find out. Then, when ready to use, they put the dead baby in a medical drying microwave, also located in someone’s house. Once dry, they grind it up and put it in the capsule.

At a very high price the documentary team got their hands on some of these pill and had them tested.

The results: 99.7% HUMAN

The story is also covered by Weird Asia News which had previous released a story reporting "that the Chinese have been eating infant babies in an attempt to improve their health and beauty".

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