Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Upcoming Celebrations.

The date used for this blog is set for Eastern Standard Time (U.S.)
Be that as it may, as I write this, it is 7:50 AM, June 12,2013 here in Philippines.

 Philippine Independence Day.

Tomorrow, June,13 is the feast day of St. Anthony of Padua,the Patron Saint of Sibulan. I'm not at all certain what sort of celebration there will be here in Sibulan today, but I have been assured that tomorrow will be a big day.

Since arriving in Philippines, my blog posts have been written before hand on paper before signing on at the Internet cafe across the street from the in-laws house. I could use my wife's laptop - there's wi fi in the house, but I don't like typing out anything of great length on a laptop. Today, however, I'm typing on the fly,so to speak at the cafe.

I'm not planning on writing anything long and drawn out this morning.

I will eventually post any photos taken today or tomorrow. Don't expect them right away. I have an old fashioned SLR and the film will need to be developed first.

Until my next installment.........

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