Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cheerios Ad Brings Out Racist Comments.

I first came across this story on The Blaze.com which linked to the original story on Adweek.

General Mills had posted a recent TV ad on Youtube and due to "strong racist backlash" was forced to disable comments on the video.

The ad in question depicts an interracial couple and their young daughter. Actually, the ad is really cute. I'm totally flabbergasted that anyone in this day and age would find this ad objectionable.

Neither Adweek nor The Blaze.com have disabled the comments on their respective sites so similar racist comments are on display. Many of the comments at The Blaze focus on the so-called horrors of Political Correctness, while some leaving comments at Adweek see this ad as part of a plan for racial genocide against the "White" race.

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Mandie said...

What? It's sad how people can turn something adorable and innocent into something crazy.