Friday, March 28, 2014

Getting a Bit Closer Every Day.

We're getting closer every day in our plan to leave the United States and make our home in Philippines.

We've sold the house.....the closing will be the first of next week. We'll move out of the house this weekend.

We've already shipped five balikbayan boxes with 5 more to ship tomorrow. That will leave seven (I hope) to leave on April 19th. We'll probably ship a box of food items unavailable in Philippines just before we depart in June or July.

I've already been to the water department and Georgia Power to have those utilities turned off and taken out of our name. The Internet will be turned off Sunday. We'll have Internet in our new, temporary location.

We had a yard sale not long ago. It was successful, but we still have a bit of junk on our hands. Anything which we don't want will have to set out for trash pick-up Monday morning.

We'll be gone in about 90 days - give or take. Time is flying and dragging at the same time.

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