Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cantaloupe Update: Number Two.

As promised in last Saturday's post, I'm uploading a new photo, showing the progress of my cantaloupe seedlings.

Thanks to an abundance of rain this past week, not only have the seedlings grown in size, but the total number of seeds that have sprouted has increased to sixteen. This is the total number of cantaloupe seeds planted in the two mounds.

Of course, not only have the rains been beneficial to my cantaloupes, but grass has come up in parts of my little garden plot. So, I was out this morning pulling weeds.

Sad to say, I may be wasting my time keeping the plot free from weeds. We've made a decision to leave this house and take an apartment the first week of October. We will be gone before the plants bear fruit, but rather than abandon the plot now, I'll continue to weed the garden until the move is final. If my wife's father wishes to maintain it, well and good. If not, then that's fine too.

The seedlings will need to be thinned out soon. I told my brother-in-law that he is welcome to a few if he wishes.

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