Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cantaloupe Update: Number One

This past Tuesday, after having little success getting tomato seeds to sprout in their tray, I decided to plant cantaloupe seeds directly into the soil. I built up two little mounds in my garden plot and planted seven or eight seeds in each one.

We've had fairly good rains the last two nights and my cantaloupe seeds have already sprouted. There are five or six seedlings in each of the two mounds. I'll wait before thinning them out.

As I mentioned, I'll be doing a few "before and after" photos. I suppose the photos should be more properly called "before, during and after" photos.

I've taken a snap shot of both mounds, but I see no point in posting both online. If you've seen one mound of sprouting cantaloupe seeds, you've seen them all.

For those of you who find this exciting, I'll put up another BDA photo next Saturday. I know you can hardly wait.

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