Saturday, August 1, 2015

Voodoo Chile.

On another of my blogs, [dumaguetewebsite,] I wrote of my discovery of a little cafe in Dumaguete - The Rollin' Pin. This post is not a retelling of that story; one can click on the link to read it.

No, this post is about the music mentioned in that post - Jimi Hendrix' Voodoo Chile from his Electric Ladyland  LP. This is not to be confused with Voodoo Child - Slight Return from the same LP.

I wanted to post a link to a video and/or recording of the song for those readers unfamiliar with the song. Unfortunately, while there are a number of Youtube videos of The Jimi Hendrix Experience playing versions of Voodoo Child - Slight Return , I was unable to find any video of Hendrix doing the original jam, Voodoo Chile . I was tempted to pay a dollar and download the mp3 from Amazon, but lo and behold, although Amazon has Electric Ladyland in a number of formats, the mp3 format does not include Voodoo Chile .

So now, anyone who has had their interest piqued by this post and would like to hear Voodoo Chile , you'll have to go to your Spotify app and locate Electric Ladyland .

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