Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Piglets at 15 Days

As I mentioned in a post from yesterday, the piglets are 15 days old today and the males are due to be castrated. I drove to the property a little bit after 8:00 this morning to assist my wife's papa. He was not there when I arrived. His motorcycle wasn't at the property either, so he was probably out at one of the markets, selling vegetables.

At that time of day, he would have already given the pigs their morning feed, but pigs being pigs, the two adults were making a bit of a racket - their way of telling me that wanted a bite to eat. The two really only needed a snack, so to speak, so I gathered a bit of Madre de Aqua. At 15 days old, the piglets are already eating some solid food - eating some of the Madre de Aqua as well.

I'm back home, of course and have things to do. I'm not sure if or when I'll head back to the property to check on the castration. If it turns out that the males don't get snipped until tomorrow, I don't believe the extra day will matter one bit.

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