Friday, December 22, 2006

Comment on a Dumaguete blog

In a blog by villageidiotsavant Dominique wrote at length about the Philippine practice of the Misa del Gallo ...the custom of attending pre-dawn Masses in preparation for Christmas. Prior to meeting my wife,I spent two Christmas seasons in Philippines but,unfortunately,my friends there did not introduce this to me.The thought of attending Masses at 4 or 5 AM for nine days would be something I would have loved doing.We don't have this in the Catholic churches in my part of the U.S. (I can't say if it's available in other U.S. cities) and that's a shame.I like the idea of an entire community being taken over by the celebration of religion on such a grand scale.
I hope to be able to go back to Philippines during Holy Week for this reason.
This feeling of "community" isn't likely to happen in the U.S.......too many different Religious Traditions.No one would agree on what to do and we aren't really as tolerant of other Religions as we say.

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