Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dumaguete Airport: Part 4

No question about it;I believe that God has given each one of us free will.However, I also believe that from time to time the Holy Spirit will "nudge" us in a direction we should go, but would otherwise have not considered.This is the case with my earlier visits to Philippines.My experiences with the lady from Siquijor had not turned out as I thought they would.Overall,I would say that it was a tragic and often times heartbreaking experience.Never the less I came to believe, after it was over,that God had meant for me to go to Dumaguete. I felt that it was my destiny and I knew that I'd be going back someday.
The vacation policy of my employer at the time meant that the best time for me to travel to Philippines was during the Christmas season.I was expecting to return in Decemeber of 2003 and upon the advice of a friend began looking into online pen pals.I would concentrate strictly on Filipinas in that area....I would not travel hither and yon thru out the country.I found quite a few charming ladies in the area but eventually came to find one in particular to be very special to me.
I was still planning to go to Philippines in December when my friend (with the girlfriend in Bais) went there in April 2003.I gave him copies of Cathy's photos and her cell phone number so he and his girlfriend could meet her in Dumaguete.They met, and the four of us are still friends today.
Unexpectedly,in May of 2003, the company I worked for made some changes with the vacation schedule and instead of December I found myself going to Philippines in late June of 2003.
Tickets were bought;plans were made.Cathy was to meet me when I arrived at the airport in Dumaguete.Of course,my friend's girlfriend Ludy wanted to meet me as well and she was there to greet me when I got off the plane.Cathy was not.Ludy either called or sent a text message to Cathy;I don't recall which.Cathy had over-slept and her papa was bringing to the airport on his motorcycle.She was there shortly......wet hair and all.
They had arranged for a van to take me to the hotel.We were going to the beach the following day and this same van driver would be picking us up.One of the things I loved about my first days with Cathy was her willingness to have me meet her friends and relatives.She wanted everyone to meet me and that made me very happy.
Now,I know why God had brought me to Dumaguete.

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