Thursday, February 15, 2007

The next U.S. President

Being a political junkie, I'm already thinking of who will be the next U.S. President.I have no clue who the Republicans will nominate but I know that I'm none too happy with the choices coming from the Democrats.I can't possibly vote for anyone in that Party as long as the Democrats are essentially the Abortion Party.It's quite possible that an individual candidate might have an idea or two I could support but as long as the Democratic Party continues in their abortion stance, then voting for anyone of them is out of the question.Legalized abortion is similar to the legal slavery of 19th century America.Just because the law of the land allows something does not make it morally justified.Just as some could not see the humanity of the slaves during that period, there are some today that cannot see the humanity of the unborn child.Unfortunately, we're not likely to see a presidential candidate of Lincoln's stature viz a viz the abortion issue.I'm afraid that legalized abortion will be the downfall of this country. It's one more example of the basic selfishness of the typical American today.


Olga said...

murder is murder, unborn or actually living. the very essence of humanity is bestowed from the first moment of concepcion. motherhood and fatherhood start from that same period, not only at birth. how can people not understand that?

I miscarried my 8-week old baby last year. I mourned my loss. When my baby, whom medical personnel called "specimen" for biopsy became the subject of a very callous joke, all my fury surfaced. I created a storm that got him suspended. He dishonored my dead one. Just because my baby was still a lump of flesh did not make it less human.

Fiona McKechnie said...
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Fiona McKechnie said...

I find it unbelievable that my post was removed. Because I dare provide a counter-argument to your own? I think what you have to say is interesting and I am always open to hearing opposing views. Clearly you are not the same. If you post a public blog on the internet you must surely be open to hearing other viewpoints. Otherwise, why do you have an open blog? My post was not rude, or aggressive, it was merely a point of view different to your own. I was interested because it so happens I am doing research on this subject at the moment. It seems you are somewhat closed-minded, and rather rude.

RTS said...

if you wish to see the fate of your deleted comment then go here.