Saturday, August 18, 2007

Meet Ann Smith...Part 5 ; the finale.

It looks as though I've lost my scammer.It's been more than 24 hours since my last email to him trying to lure him back.
Here are the last email exchanges between us, as well as the "CD" I sent to him as a temptation.

Thur Aug 16, 2007
Dear Ann,
I wanted to let you know that I have received 2 emails from your lawyer.
Ann, you are a young girl and can be taken advantage of easily. Please be very careful in choosing a lawyer.He seems honest but you must be careful. If you believe he is trust worthy I will work with him for you.
Please, do not forget to sent copy of your passport.

Thur Aug 16, 2007
Dear Barrister William,
Thank you for answering my email so quickly.
As you know, we are both working to help this poor girl who has lost her parents.We both want to be sure she is not being taken advantage of or abused.
You understand that this is the reason why I must ask for a copy of your ID. I am only looking out for Ms. Smith. I am sure you are an honest man, but Ms Ann is so young I must be vigilant on her account.
I will be leaving for the UK to attend the funeral of my friend Blaise Pascal. We can communicate by email but my cellphone will not work outside this I cannot call you from the UK.
I hope to hear from you again soon.
Lamont Sanford

Thur Aug 16, 2007 ( written from "Ann"'s email address )
Attn: Mr. Lamont Sanford,
Well, let me make it very clear to you that if you disagree to send me your phone number, residential address and particularly your own identification for any reason whatsoever, I will ask her to discontinue from moving on with you.
Barr. Peter William.

Thur Aug 16, 2007 ( written to "Ann"'s email address )
Attn Peter William.
I want to make a few points:
Why are you sending me emails from Ann's email account? Why do you have access to her email? Have you some sort of evil control over her?
I had every intention of sending phone numbers , ID and address but now I am not so certain.
I have only Ms Smith's interest at heart. Her money means nothing to me.As you can see from the enclosed copy of one of the CDs in my account, I have enough money without worrying about hers.
Can the same be said of you?
Lamont Sanford

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Anonymous said...

like the cartoon.
yeppers think they/her/him
have moved on, not very playful are they/her/him ?