Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sanford and Son Li Le Part 2

While waiting for further emails from Son, I did a bit of research.The scammers wanted an email with the word 'bank' in the address.They couldn't very well use a Yahoo email address for an international bank. So, they invested in a domain name even setting up a little dummy site.
After looking at their dummy site, I went to a site that gives "whois" info and found out that the domain name is registered to a woman in Sarasota Fl. named Bethany Fischer. That info can be found here.
I'll paste the latest email exchanges between Fred, Son and the "Bank" below.

Thurs Aug 23, 2007
ATTENTION: Fred Sanford,
With regards to your email message/enquiry, please be hereby informed that opening an off/shore account here requires three easy steps. Firstly, you need to submit a copy of your most recent Identification for your personal account. The most preferable ID is either a copy of your international passport, a driver's license or any other Government identification. A copy should be sent to this office via email attachment or to our general fax line +31 84 719 8406.
Secondly, you are to send to us your personal information in this format as follows:
1. Your Full Names:
2. Your Home Address:
3. Your Phone Number:
4. Your Fax Number:
5. Your Age:
6. Your Occupation:
7. Your Next Of Kin:
Thirdly, there is a new policy that all new accounts must be activated by paying an initial deposit/ opening balance. The lowest interest bearing account is a personal bronze current account. You have to pay (?2850 Two Thousand Eight Hundred and Fifty Euros) to activate it. This account activation deposit can be sent to us through one of our contractual money transfer agents confirmable within 24hrs. Upon the receipt of the above mentioned, a copy Our web link will be supplied to you along with your account number and pin number to enable you operate your account worldwide online without delay.
With kind regards,
Postbank N.V.
Mr. Erol Ulu
Manager E-commerce and E-mail

Thurs Aug 23, 2007
Dear Brother,
Thank you for your recent update,I apreciate the fact that you are doing everything possible to ensure that the account is active as soon as
possible,this will enable us work according to the schedule.
I am not sure of the time it will take to have the acccount processed
and activated, but in my own opinion I believe it shouldn't take more
than a day, but it all depends on administrative procedures of the bank.
I expect you to follow it up diligently,to ensure that this process is
fast,which would be at our advantage. If it is possible tor the account
to be eady within today and monday then by next week tuesday morning HK time, we would effect the transfer from here.
I shall be waiting for feedback from you as soon as possible.
Best regards,
Your brother

Thurs Aug 23, 2007
My Dear Brother,
As you know from my emails to you, I have been in contact with the bank regarding opening the account.
Here we have a slight problem.I was informed that there is a minimum deposit required with the bank.
This deposit comes to 5,000 Euros. I do not have access to that amount right now.As we are partners in this, I thought that you could share the expense with me. I can manage 2,500 if you can add the additional 2,500.
Please send the money to me right away so I can send the 5000 to the bank as soon as possible.
Best regards,
Your brother,

Fri Aug 24, 2007
Dear Partner,
Thank you for your effort so far in trying to make
this business a success, I really would have loved to
assist you but at present, am very low in cash as I
have put in thousands of dollars to get this
transaction to its present stage.
You might not be aware of what it takes to have such
an amount transferred, especially being inherited
funds, well let me make it clear to you that I have
taken care of the cost of all the logistics that has
to do with this transfer, such as the cost of
retaining the services of the Attorney and obtaining
the necessary official documents and clearances from
the Hong Kong authorities, including other
miscellaneous expenses which I have incurred to ensure
we have a hitch free transfer. I do not intend to take
any phase of this transaction for granted.
Actually for a person of your age and status and my
partner in this transaction, i expect you to handle
this issue of processing your account, I want the
account processed between today and monday, so that I
can go ahead with the transfer latest wednesday morning
of my time.
Please do everything humanly possible to get your
account ready to receive our funds, even if it means
you getting a loan of 100% interest. Please take, it
as long as we will pay back immediately the funds
credits your account. These funds mean the world to me
and my entire family , as our whole life depends on
Kind Regards,
Song Li

Sat Aug 25, 2007
My dear brother,
I have good news regarding the account.
As I told you, I was afraid that I could not manage the entire deposit, but a friend has come to the rescue.She has agreed to invest in our scheme.
Even better news.....she says she knows you quite well.She told me she met you while traveling in South Africa.
Her name is Bethany Fischer and she sends her best regards.
Your brother,

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