Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sanford and Son Li Le

In an earlier post- meet-ann-smithpart-3 - I mentioned a few emails between "Fred Sanford" and a scammer calling himself Son Li Le. As I mentioned in that posting , I sent "Son" an email after receiving his ID saying, "Thanks for the I can be Son Li Le".
I assumed that he understood that I had been pulling his leg and had , basically, stolen his fake ID. I was wrong. He seems to have missed that point and has started sending emails again.
So, I searched the Internet for images of fake IDs.....found this one with Woody Allen's photo on it. I photoshopped the name and sent it to Son.
Here are the email exchanges so far :

Mon Aug 20, 2007
Dear Mr. Fred Sanford,
If you refer to one of my previous emails, I had told you what you are
required to send before we commence this transaction.
Well if I may remind you again, you are required to send the following:
Firstly, I will want you to know your Names, Address, Phone Number, Occupation, Age and a copy of your Driver's Licence or your International Passport,the most important issue is that I want to be sure I am transacting with the correct person, my curiousity can be justified considering the
money in question, besides, it is this copy of your Driver's Licence
or International Passport that will be be used by the Attorney have
all the necesary documentations perfected.
If you really intend to execute this transaction with me it would be
necessary to have these sent to me immediately via email attachment or
fax +85230157075 .
Here is my number, you can call me so that we can finalise this transaction.
I earnestly await your response with the required details.
Song Li

Wed Aug 22, 2007
I am sending a copy of my ID as an attachment.
Fred Sanford

Thurs Aug 23, 2007
Dear Brother,
I am in receipt of your mail and identification.I thank you for showing some great responsibility and trust. I must also let you know that I feel comfortable transacting with you especially after your last email even though we have not had a verbal conversation,please do not let me down.let me have your details that is your Full Names and your contact address so that my attorney who will put together the perfected paper work to be sent to the bank for the release of the funds,this should take not longer than a day or two. In this light,I have sent you the information of the bank so you can make enquiries on offshore/on-line account opening.
I advice you like I said earlier that you open an account with the bank so that once the funds are released, they will be moved striaght into your account and the transfer will not attract the monetary bodies, as the transfer be will seen as in-house.(same telex type with my Bank).You can then transfer the funds in safe bits to your main account for both of us.
Please find below the banks information.
Post Bank N.V
Amsterdam Branch
Raadhuisstraat 30
1009 DG Amsterdam
Tel.: +31 62 645 9935
Fax: +31 84 719 84 06
Contact Person:
Mr. Erol Zeger
Opening Hours monday till friday:
9.00 - 16.00
9.30 - 13.30
Please note, that you are to inform the bank that you wish to open an offshore account with their reputable bank that can accommodate the sum of US$19.5M for further transfer, and they should advice you on such account. I will await an update. Please do make contact with the bank so that the account opening can be fast, I had to remain awake to get the notification about this contact details, you know the time difference.
I call you brother so that we both understand that our trust in each other is that of blood brothers. God Bless you for your positive resolve to affect our lives.
Attached is my Work Identification with my family picture and the certificate of deposit that was given to Col.Sadiq Uday as at whwn the funds were deposited at my bank for your reference.
Your brother,
Li song.

[ Note: He sent the same photos in an earlier email. I guess he forgot. ]

Thurs Aug 23, 2007 ( sent to )
Erol Zeger
Dear sir,
I would like information about setting up an account with your bank.
Total assets will exceed 19.5 Million Dollars.
Thank You,
Fred Sanford

Thurs Aug 23, 2007
Dear Son,
I have sent an email to the bank as you suggested.
Here is my information for your lawyer:

Fred G. Sanford
1313 Buangka Street
Calgary, Alberta

Thank you,

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