Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Computer Generated Photo.

I snatched the photo on the left from pixologic.com . Although it looks very realistic, it is actually a computer generated image created with ZBrush.
I have been looking around for software like this but I'm afraid it's a bit pricey for me.
As I mentioned yesterday, I'm goofing on a scammer.... trying to recreate the success I had last year with Fred, Misty and the others.At that time, I needed a fake ID to send to a scammer......I found one online and edited it for Misty's ID.

I wanted to have a few more "faces" for the IDs........as I said, ZBrush is out of my range, but the Pixologic web site has plenty of samples I can "borrow" for the fake IDs.
Unfortunately (for art's sake, anyway) I did not have these images when I sent the latest scammer Fred Sanford's ID. The one I had was good enough for the scammer, but next time Fred will look like the old guy you see here.

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