Friday, September 12, 2008

Too bad, it's not real.

I came across this photo on The Daily Telegraph showing Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, wearing a patriotic bikini and toting a rifle.
Sadly, as the article points out, the image is the product of someone's vivid imagination..... and Photoshop. The head is, obviously, hers, but the body is not. Just a little nip-tuck and voila !
Actually, the photo looks pretty realistic; much better than I could do. Someone did have the good sense to put the words "digitally altered" onto the photo.


Anonymous said...

Hey, get real. Those legs & abs are much too large for Sarah. Don't be rude about my favorite politico! :)

Robert said...

Hi Cliff,
Never having seen Mrs. Palin in a bikini, I have no idea if those "legs & abs are much too large".
I like her as well.....but I couldn't resist putting this photo on my blog. I've seen loads of Photoshopped pics of Obama; I want to be fair and balanced, you know.