Friday, September 12, 2008

We apoligize for any incomvinience.

Here a copy of an email I received from "Yahoo" telling me that my account was in danger of being de-activated for security purposes. I was instructed to send my name and password in a reply email in order to maintain my account.
Funny, none of my other Yahoo email accounts seem to be in the same danger.
I was told that I had only 24 hours to reply or risk suspension, but I didn't log in until 4 days after the email was sent.
I guess,uh, they have so many accounts to suspend that I was given a brief reprieve.
You, know....I never realized Yahoo had an office in Lagos, Nigeria. At least that's the location of the IP address I located in the email header.
The Lagos office must have a very tiny budget.....there's no spell check on their PCs and they, obviously, can't afford to buy a dictionary.
I can connect them with a few millionaires in Nigeria who might be able to help them out of their financial crunch.....if the sender will just provide me with his full name, bank account number and $100 filing fee.

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