Monday, March 15, 2010

Every Little Bit Helps.

President Ronald Reagan is reported to to have said, in response to a question regarding the difference between a depression and a recession, that "A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose yours".

If that's the case, then, for me at least, this is the "Obama recession" rather than the "Obama depression". Sure, I still have a job - thank God - but the work is slow. I'd say it hasn't been this bad since Jimmy Carter was in the White House.

Like countless others, it is difficult just getting the money for the things we truly need. We have a roof over our heads, we aren't starving but often times we do without luxuries. I have quite a wish list on of books, CDs and DVDs I'd like.

We've recently come upon a bit of extra money that allows me to buy a little gift for myself. I've wanted to buy a copy of The 13th Day since I first watched the trailer but money has been tight.

The website promoting the movie says the DVD can be purchased from either Ignatius Press or I went to the Ignatius Press website and was just a click away from ordering a copy ($22.45 plus tax). I stopped when I saw the $6 shipping charge. has free shipping with orders $25 or more ..... even if the book cost $25 the free shipping would make it worthwhile ordering from Amazon rather than Ignatius. As it turned out the price is only $18.49. Still, I could order something else from my wish list to bump the total to just over the $25.

So, in addition to the 13th Day DVD, I ordered a copy of Stravinsky conducting the Columbia Symphony Orchestra performing the complete Firebird (and portions of Fireworks). The free shipping and the lower price allowed me to get both for a dollar less than the DVD alone would have cost from Ignatius Press. Not a great deal of money, but in today's world, any little bit helps. The Stravinsky CD is effectively, free.

The order is due to arrive Thursday so expect a review of the movie next weekend.


LarryD said...

Robert - how was the movie?

Robert said...

When I ordered the movie from, I thought the date given (March 18) was the day it was expected to arrive. It turned out that this was the day it was shipped and it hasn't arrived yet.