Friday, March 26, 2010

A Question for Progressives.

A Catholic blog that I follow, huh, religiously [] has posted a piece on Kathleen Parker's top notch article nailing Bart Stupak for his "dropping the baby" regarding Federal monies being used to pay for abortions in Obama's health care bill. I can't improve on anything Ms. Parker has to say about Stupak.

Now, Washington Post columnist, E.J. Dionne has come to Stupak's defense. Dionne writes,
"The most vociferous critics of the anti-abortion movement think of it as an exclusively right-wing cause."
That would include me, I suppose.

Dionne goes on to say,
"It [the pro-life movement] includes a large number of pro-life progressives who strongly support government programs to lift up the poor and assist a beleaguered middle class."
I'm afraid I'll have to challenge Dionne on that. I know a few "progressives" (also known as "liberals") and I can't name one who is seriously pro-life. Every progressive I know is unashamedly pro-choice ...(read pro-abortion).

This is a good opportunity for me to issue my own challenge to the progressives I know. I've been thinking about doing this for quite some time and now I believe the time has come. I'll be sending a link to this post to a liberal I know. I'd like to invite him - or someone he might know - to allow me to interview him (or his surrogate) via email, regarding the issue of abortion. I want to publish the interview on this blog. I promise to protect that person's identity. No mad, crazed anti-abortion looney will find you and attack you. Of course, I can't guarantee that folks leaving comments on the blog won't hurt your feelings. (Does Obamacare cover hurt feelings and damaged egos?).

So, Liberals, that's the challenge. I'm willing to discuss other ground rules for the interview. Is it a deal?


lewbob said...

I don't know if you mean me or that other "liberal" but I am interested in a dialog on this issue. I have been thinking a lot about it lately.Read the Parker piece then decided to construct an argument to convince myself that the bill greenlights federal funding for abortions. An interesting exercise!I Will work tomorrow on some things I would like to discuss via your blog. Well written by the way.

Robert said...

I sent the link to "that other 'liberal'" as you said.
From what I gather, the Senate version of the bill does give the go ahead.
Actually, I wanted to question a confirmed pro-choicer about the issue of pro-life versus pro-choice and not just the issue of federal funding.
I'll get back in touch with you.