Friday, September 17, 2010


While reading the Raëlian manifesto,"Geniocracy: Government of the people, for the people, by the Geniuses," I thought it a bit odd that there was no mention, within the book's 148 pages, of Raëlian cosmology or their belief as to how man came to be created. It is not until reading the back cover do we read anything pertaining to the extraterrestrial creatures called the Elohim . It is only then that we learn that Geniocracy is the form of government practiced on the home planet of these advanced creatures.

No, while reading the book, seeing no mention of the Elohim , one might well suppose that you were reading the Democrat Party's political platform statement. Originally published in 1977, it is amazing to see how many of the ideas expressed in the book are perfectly in tune with the philosophy of so many Democrats today.

From the beginning, the book criticizes democracy, as practiced in our time - referring to the system as, rather, a Mediocracy where the votes of the intelligent are canceled out by the votes of the idiots. Of course, democracy does have its flaws (as even Raël's polar opposite, Michael Voris points out.) but I seriously doubt that his proposal that we be governed by "geniuses" is a viable solution.

Of course, in Raël's view, in order for this form of government to succeed, it must be a world government. We must have a "world language" in order to establish a true union of all the people of this planet (He points out that this would not be a Universal language, because the World is not the Universe).

After the geniuses take control, we will no longer need to work, nor will there be any need what so ever for money. All work will be done by machines, operated by robots and computers, created by these self same geniuses. The right to work will be replaced by the right to fulfillment. "Everyone has the right to receive everything necessary to live comfortably from birth to death, without preconditions ". With everything provided for us through the largesse of the geniuses governing the planet, we will be free to do whatever we wish to do in order to find personal fulfillment.

There will be no military. There will be no religious schools.

"Tolerance" will be the keyword.

Children as young as 14 will be encouraged to engage in sexual activity ....... a so-called freedom gained by contraceptives .... and laws prohibiting sex between those over 18 with those under 18 should be, in Raël's view, abolished.

In the book, Raël points out that many may consider his point of view Utopian. He says, however, that it is only considered Utopian by those of us who aren't intelligent enough to understand that this is obtainable.

The book ends with a list of Short-term, Mid-term and Long-term goals; none of which have been obtained by the Raëlian's in the thirty three years since the publication of the book. Obviously, Raël isn't a genius or we'd be there by now. He hasn't reached his goal, but at least, the Democrat Party in the United States has done it's best to implement his ideas.

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Al said...

Robert, having had to wade through things like this myself, kuddos for the effort.
As for the parallels between this & the Dem platform, that doesn't surprize me at all. Given that this is typical of the agenda of many a New Age cult & that the left buys into much of this New Age agenda, I would be more surprized had they not lined up so much.