Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Repairing the Time Warp.

We see, now, who has influence and who doesn't.

In his comment on my last post , blogger LarryD tried to blame yours truly for the slight rip in the space-time continuum out by the D family home. He requested that I return to blogging in order to prevent a further rip.

I had been unable to write very much because of the over-time I've been putting in on my real job. I had put in 52 hours last week and was scheduled to work 48 this week. In order to get that 48 hour mark, I'd have to work 8 hours on 1st shift today in addition to my regular 8 on 2nd. Now, after going in at 7 this morning, the department, where I was working over, was sent home at 11......I'll have to go back in at 3 for my shift.

Obviously, LarryD must have made a call to have the department shut down early so I'd have to come home and write a post.

Alright, I'll write a little while I'm here, but I'm not paying for Larry's missing patio chair.

1 comment:

LarryD said...

Thanks, Robert. The time/space rift is closing.

And don't worry about the patio chair. It's just a chair.