Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Post of 2013.

Having written a post on the last day of 2012, it seem only fitting that I write a post on the first day of 2013.

One would expect to read a blog post written today filled with all sorts of resolutions. There will be resolutions in this one, but I won't go overboard.

In yesterday's post I mentioned a number of books that I had started reading last year but never finished. I can be easily distracted at times and if there is the slightest lull in a story, or if another story grabs my attention, I'll drop one book and pick up another. Finishing some or all of the books mentioned might be one resolution worth making (and keeping).

Early in Decemeber, I came across something by Deal Hudson, where he lists 100 Best Catholic Novels. Or, How to Buy a Catholic Library for Christmas. Not rich enough to purchase the entire 100 books, I could resolve to read some of the books from the list. Let's be realistic. There's no way I could possibly finish 100 books in one year. Reading two books in any particular week would be possible,but certainly not two books every week.

The books are listed in chronological order of publication. Eight of the first ten on the list are in the public domain and available at Project Gutenberg  free of charge. Number six on the list, Leon Bloy's, The Woman Who Was Poor, is available in French. I can't read French and the English translation is priced out of my reach. Number eight, Robert Hugh Benson's, Lord of the World, was one of the books I read in 2012. Number ten, Sigrid Undset's, Kristin Lavansdatter, isn't in the public domain, but I have the 3 volume set already; the first book in the trilogy, The Bridal Wreath, was also one of the books I read last year. At the very least, I could finish reading the trilogy as well as the six books I downloaded from Project Gutenberg. (Adalbert Stifter's, Rock Crystal is available in a large collection of German literature which I haven't download yet).

In addition to the books in the public domain, I want to read some of the later books on the list. I've already purchased copies of Ayako Sono's two books on the list - The Watcher from the Shore and No Reason for Murder.

Those ten volumes should keep me occupied for some time. I have weeks to decide which book will be number eleven.

Happy New Year.


LarryD said...

Happy New Year, Robert - best of everything and God's blessings to you and your family.

Robert said...

Thanks Larry.