Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ohio school district agrees to keep portrait of Jesus off wall, pay $95G fine.

From several sources:

The Jackson City School District, located in Jackson, Ohio has agreed to remove a portrait of Jesus Christ from school property and pay a $95,000 fine. Under the terms of the settlement, the district will pay the money to the ACLU and Freedom From Religion Foundation for damages and legal fees.

I can't believe that any school district in the United States today would fight this issue. The courts have made it perfectly clear that government-run schools cannot endorse any particular religion. Public schools cannot display paintings of Jesus, or Buddha or Satan ...... and they certainly can't display a portrait of Mohammed.

Note to parents - if you want your child to be taught religion in school, send him or her to a private, religious school.

I'm not supporting the ACLU and Freedom From Religion Foundation in this fiasco either. OK, I get the “unconstitutional” part, but the "students and visitors to the school will continue to suffer permanent, severe and irreparable harm and injury, if a portrait of Jesus continues to reside on school property" part is quite the load of B.S..

Jackson Superintendent Phil Howard said, "Our attorneys felt like this was the best case scenario for the district because the legal fees were mounting by the day. The settlement did not cost the district or taxpayers any money because it was paid for by the district insurance company."


If I lived in Jackson, Ohio, I'd be demanding we find another School Superintendent.

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