Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Tuesday Update.

It appears that the few tomato and bell pepper seeds I planted aren't going to make it. Perhaps the soil I used was not a proper medium for getting seeds to sprout. Having the tray dumped upon by sand didn't help.

Don't ask.

I'll be looking for a better tray and try to find potting soil. I can just about say with confidence that I won't find any Hyponex potting soil here.

In the mean time, I'm going to put out a few cantaloupe seeds directly into mounds of earth in my little garden plot. If the cantaloupe does well and sprouts properly, I won't have room for too many cantaloupe plants.

We did a bit of pushing and squeezing on our budget and bought a TV yesterday. We're expecting Larry ang Cable Tao to come by this morning to install the cable for the TV and high speed Internet. In the mean time, my wife and two of her sisters are Zumba dancing to a dvd brought from the States. I guess they were only waiting for the new TV.

This blog post is a direct result of the exercise dvd. The three were eager to jump around to the music but were naturally shy about such a display in front of me. So, to save the trio from embarrassment, I retired to the bedroom with the laptop. I'm not quite sure how long they'll last before they're overcome by exhaustion.

I promised....no photos or video of their Zumba, even though I'm sure the few readers of this humble blog would be entertained.

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