Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Life on Mars.

Finally, I have cable TV and high speed Internet. I'm not nearly as excited about the cable as I am the Internet connection. For the most part, I can let everyone else in the household watch whatever they choose on the TV. For myself, I'm glad that I'm finally able to watch my favorites on Netflix once again.

Thanks to Avast and the company's SecureLineVPN, I can disguise my IP address thru a virtual private network and get around companies which might otherwise "geo-block" me from their websites.

Now, not only am I am to connect to a server in the U.S. and watch Netflix, but I can also switch to a server in London and watch Geo-blocked BBC programs and British Netflix. When I'm connected to London, Netflix recognizes my account, but mistakenly assumes that I've traveled to England with my personal laptop. I'm able to watch certain programs on the British Netflix which aren't available in the U.S. yet; like my new, favorite TV show, Life on Mars starring John Simm. Simm is probably more well known to Americans as the Master in Dr Who .

The program is actually several years old, but it's new to me. There were only 16 episodes and I've just finished watching #2.

And, did I mention that I'm looking forward to watching SEC football on the CBS Sports website when the time comes.

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