Sunday, February 21, 2016

Death of the (Reasonably) Intelligent E-mail Scammer.

It's been almost five years since I last took a serious (?) look at online scammers. In those days, I would contact a scammer that had sent an email to one of my accounts. As long time followers of this blog recall, I would answer a scammers email while posing as Lucy Ricardo, or Fred Sanford or Misty Meaner, to name just three of my on line characters.

It has been my experience that the intelligence of these Internet scammers has been over rated. None seemed too terribly bright to me. How someone could be taken in by some of these guys is beyond me.

Now, my opinion of the intelligence on line scammers has fallen even lower - I would not have thought that possible.

Pictured above is a screen shot of a recent phishing scam email I received in one of my Gmail accounts. The scammer wants his victims to believe the email comes from Google, but the email address of the sender is - It would obvious to even the most Internet challenged that an email from Google would not come from some placed called - an email from Google would come from an address with in the name.


Have the scammers become so stupid that they believe their potential victims are complete imbeciles?

This particular scammer - colonel6 - must really be a complete airhead; too stupid, in fact to make goofin' on him enjoyable.

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