Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Bit of Weirdness from Google Maps - What Else is New?

Google Maps approved four of my edits this morning, but not without a bit of weirdness.

The first two, Quench Buddy Water Refilling Station in Sibulan and Jetti gas station in Dumaguete, near St. Paul University, were approved, rather quickly, after a relatively short review.

The weirdness began with the publication of One DGT (Dumaguete) Travel Services on San Jose St in Dumaguete. The location is correct in that it is located on San Jose, but it was placed - not where I placed it - but on the wrong side of Rizal St., west of its actual location. I added a photo, and put in an edit which was, you guessed it, put into pending review status.

I added another sari-sari store this morning, Mayeng's Store, after taking my son to school. Google Maps published this edit immediately, but put the name as "San Antonio St". My attempt to correct this went unanswered by Google Maps.

After looking at the Google Maps placement for Quench Buddy, I noticed an error in the location. I corrected the error - GM published the correction, but I'm not sure its showing up on the map.

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