Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dumaguete's Best Pizza

I noted in a blog post from Saturday that the fee for my application for conversion from probationary resident to permanent resident at the Philippine Immigration office turned out to be 2000 pesos less that I had expected. I stashed away a portion of that windfall for a rainy day. That rainy day came today when I decided to spend the money on a nice Sunday lunch for my wife, my son and myself.

On of the good things about waking before 5:00 AM every day (even on Sunday) is that lunch can come relatively early, and pizza at 10:30 AM isn't out of the question. When I told the family about my money stash and my plan for lunch, we unanimously choose Yellow Cab Pizza.

Located on the boulevard in Dumaguete, Yellow Cab has the best pizza in the city. Shown in these photos is the large New York's Finest  that we ordered for lunch. While I wouldn't go so far as to say this pizza would actually be the finest you could find in New York, there's no question that it's the best you'll find in Dumaguete. It's the closest to American style pizza I've eaten in Philippines.

Of course, with it's American taste it comes with an American price. This pizza and three canned soft drinks cost me 785 pesos. At the current rate of exchange, that comes to about $17.00. Minus the $3 for the three drinks, that's $14.00 for a large pizza. Not outlandish for Rome, GA. but really pricey for Dumaguete.

We weren't disappointed, however. This really is the best pizza in town.

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