Saturday, September 10, 2016

Nancy Store

After my discovery that the sari-sari store, Marivic Store (and a number of other sari-sari stores) had been included on Google Maps, I decided that practically no location should be off limits when it comes to what can or cannot be added to the website.

I felt that the popular sari-sari store located across from our apartment building - Nancy Store - should be included as well. So, this morning, I attempted to put Nancy Store on the map. What did I have to lose? It would either be published, or set aside for review. After the editing, I immediately received an email letting me know that my addition of Nancy Store had been published. Unlike most of my immediate publications, Nancy Store could not be immediately edited to allow photos. I suspect that it will be like my addition of Alfred Electronic Shop, accepted, but would take a few hours before I could upload a photo or review.

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