Thursday, October 6, 2016

Two Terrifying Halloween Costumes

This morning, a friend on Facebook posted a Halloween costume video and the video immediately reminded me of a costume I wore to a Halloween-slash-birthday party back in 2009. In a post mentioning the costume, I published a photo of me dressed as an illegal alien and my friend Lowell wearing a clown costume.

When we donned those costumes seven years ago, I was aware that my illegal alien costume might be considered by some to be political insensitive, but this was in the day when illegal aliens weren't automatically linked with terrorism by very many folks. Today, not only have terrorists and illegal aliens been linked together in the political realm but now, clown costumes have been banned in some areas as 'symbols of terror'  as well.

When we made the clown with illegal alien photo, we had no idea that the two would be connected by 'terror' in 2016. I wish I could say that we were ahead of our time, but having the two costumes together in on Halloween photo was simply a coincidence........I think.

Besides, aren't Halloween costumes supposed to be terrifying? I thought that was the point.

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