Thursday, September 29, 2016

Happy Birthday, Killer.

Sept. 29, 2016 is the 81st birthday of the Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis.

Two of Jerry Lee's hits from 1957 - Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On and Great Balls of Fire - propelled Lewis to world wide fame. Sadly, it was his marriage to his 13 year old cousin at age 22 that nearly put an end to his musical career. In comparison, today a 22 year old male singer could marry his 13 year old male cousin (or brother) and it would be seen as a career enhancement......yes, times have changed that much.

Not only have the times changed, but Jerry Lee Lewis has changed a bit, as well. Once seen as rock n' roll's first "wild man", years later, when he recorded the Rolling Stones' song,  Sweet Virginia, with Keith Richards, Lewis self-censored himself by changing the line "gotta scrape the shit right off you shoes" to "gotta scrape that shine right off your shoes".

To celebrate the Killer's 81st birthday today, I'm posting 2 videos from 1957 when Lewis appeared on the Steve Allen Show.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I'm a bit late with this, but after slogging through Lew Wallace's Ben Hur, I finally gave up on my attempt to finish reading the novel. I switched to The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, finished that and began reading Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court.

I vaguely remember reading the Twain novel fifty years ago, but I can now remember very little of what I read.

I picked Twain because of a blog post by my friend Dom, who mentioned the novel in his critique of The Man Who Came Early which is considered the antithesis of Twain's book. I'll move on to that work when I'm finished with Twain.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Man Impregnates Woman and World Goes Insane.

My vote for the most insanely stupid headline of the century goes to with their lede, "Transgender man gives birth to his OWN BABY in world first".

The article gets difficult to follow, so I'll try and unravel it.

It begins, "A TRANSGENDER couple has become the first to have their own child after a man gave birth to his own baby."

Absolutely wrong. The article states, "Fernando Machado, who used to be a woman, met Diane Rodriguez, who used to be a man, on social media two years ago and started a relationship."
Fernando was born a woman and remains so. She has had no "corrective surgery" and remains biologically a woman even though she believes herself to be a man. Her spouse, Diane was born a man and remains so. Fernanado still has a functioning vagina and uterus while Diane still has a working penis.

Dressing up in the other gender's clothes and changing your name does not make a man a woman or make a woman a man.

This is simply a case of a woman, who thinks she's a man, getting pregnant by a man who imagines himself to be a woman.

Sorry, but a man did not give birth to a baby.

First Debate Did Nothing to Change My Mind.

Like 100 million other folks, I suffered through the first debate in the Clinton/Trump Slugfest, and as I expected, both sides are claiming its candidate the winner. The Clinton News Network (aka CNN) has "fact checked" many of Trump's statements during the debate and , naturally found those particular statements untrue. Of course, that is CNN after all, and you wouldn't expect otherwise.

I also expected, before the debate, that my dislike for both these douchebags would remain the same no matter what happened. That expectation was realized. All through out this election, I've maintained that choosing between Trump and Clinton is like choosing between mustard or mayo on your shit sandwich. I have not wavered in this assessment.

One expectation not met was my believe that Clinton might very well have a medical episode during the 90 minute debate. That medical episode didn't happen, of course, but we still have two more to go.

What we saw in Trump was a true non-politician - an unpolished, off the cuff speaker. In Clinton we saw a politician who came with her list of practiced talking points who, for the most part, followed the script written for her. With Trump, we saw the real Donald Trump. We saw the real Hillary as well - a programed robot who doesn't understand spontaneity, except for perhaps programed spontaneity.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Tomorrow's Debate.

As I write this post, it is just after 7:00 PM - Monday the 26th - here in Philippines. In 14 hours I'll watch the Clinton/ Trump debate live on television. It'll be 9:00 AM Tuesday here; I'll pour a cup of coffee and enjoy the circus.

I won't bother to predict who'll win the debate on points; both sides will claim victory no matter what the results.

Mostly, I'll be watching in the event that Mrs.Clinton will have one of her coughing fits or perhaps a minor fainting spell. Should either of those happen during the debate, Mrs. Clinton can kiss the White House goodbye. I can't think of any one single thing that could happen concerning Trump which would have the same disastrous affect, and for better or worse, Clinton has to face the same challenge in all three of the POTUS debates.

I don't believe the odds are in Clinton's favor. It will be much easier for Trump to waltz through the debates without a major screw up; it's less likely that Clinton will escape unscathed.