Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Panda's Mango Fruit Shake

As I mentioned in last Sunday's post, the Panda Ice Cream Haus has both a mango fruit shake and a mango ice cream shake.

 In Sunday's post, I mistakenly wrote that both shakes were priced at 65 pesos. I stopped by this afternoon to try the mango fruit shake, and saw that the fruit shake is actually only 60 pesos.

Even though the mango ice cream shake I had Sunday was very delicious, I noted that there is very little mango flavor to the shake - it's mostly vanilla.

The mango fruit shake was different - it had a wonderful mango taste. No mistaking this for any other flavor. To add even more to the delight, this shake has to be the thickest mango shake I've had. This shake was even thicker than the ice cream shake. It would not surprise me to learn that ice cream was also an ingredient. The mango pieces didn't hurt either.

All in all, a wonderful mango shake.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Return of the Yellow Beetle

It isn't often that I'm able to photograph a VW Beetle in motion. It's particularly difficult if my car is moving as well.

This morning I was lucky. Due to the congested traffic, my lane was not going anywhere - while motionless, I spotted a yellow VW about to turn right onto the road I was on, and soon to be passing me going in the opposite direction.

My camera was on the passenger seat and I was able to snap a shot as the car passed.

I've looked through my photos, and it's possible that this VW could be the same as one I saw in the VW graveyard July of 2017. The color looks the same, but I can't be 100% certain. The July 2017 yellow Beetle also made a show in March of 2018 - also at the VW graveyard.

Of course, I could stop by the VW graveyard, walk in and see if there's still a yellow VW parked there. I might just do that next time I'm in the area - depending on the flow of traffic.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

An Ice Cream Mango Shake

On Google Maps, the address for Panda Ice Cream Haus is given as #3 Silliman Ave..The map location is correct, but as far as the address given, the store is actually located on Ma. Christina St..

Although I've passed by several times, I had not stopped in until today when I thought I'd see if mango shakes were available. On the plus side, Panda Ice Cream Haus has both mango fruit shakes and mango ice cream shakes - each costing 65 pesos. I decided that today, I'd try the mango ice cream shake and the fruit shake next time.

Another plus for the store is their utilization of metal, reusable drinking straws. I'm one of those folks who try not to use plastic straws, and an old fashioned paper straw would not hold up with this thick, creamy shake.

The shake I had was quite delicious, but I have to deduct points due to the fact that the mango shake does not taste like mango. Yes, the shake was delicious, but it had a vanilla flavor instead of mango.

I'll return soon and see if the mango fruit shake is more to my liking.

Friday, January 11, 2019

A Black VW

After having breakfast at Gie Gie's Sports Bar yesterday with a few friends, I spotted this black VW Beetle along the Bacong Road.

It was sprinkling rain at the time, so getting out to photograph the VW wasn't something I wanted to do. I pulled off the road behind the car and snapped these from inside my car.

Looking through my VW photos, I was unable to find another this color. Therefore, I'll name this one # 57.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

New Democrat House Member Calls for Trump Impeachment

I want to state at the beginning that I will not censor so-called profanity in this post. If you find such words objectionable, then discontinue reading this and retreat to your safe zone.

Rashida Tlaib is half of the duo that became the first Muslim women to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, the other being Ilhan Omar, of whom I wrote about when some became upset when they believed the removal of the House ban on headgear would allow Omar to wear a Hijab on the House floor.

I've come upon a few comments on Facebook by some folks who've gotten the vapors over Muslims being elected to office. Ironically, these are the same folks objecting to government discriminating against Christians. If someone wants to cast their vote for a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Atheist or worshiper of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, then it's none of our business.

It isn't Tlaib's religion that has her in the news today. Speaking to a crowd at an event sponsored by progressive Democrats - yes, I know I'm being redundant - Tlaib said, regarding President Trump, ".......we're gonna go in there and we're going to impeach the motherfucker."

Of course, that comment caused more Americans to get the aforementioned vapors. One isn't allowed to say the word "motherfucker" in polite society, after all.

Others were upset that the vulgar word "impeach" was also used.

Obviously, I'm not easily offended by the word "motherfucker" - I wouldn't have used it so many times in this post if I were. You know, "sticks and stone......." and all that.

I just see the absurdity of trying to impeach Trump. Sure, there are enough far-out Democrats -again I'm being redundant - in the House to impeach him, but the whole thing will come to nothing because the Republican controlled Senate will not vote to remove him from office.

Any Democrat who believes otherwise is just a stupid motherfucker.