Wednesday, November 21, 2018

House Rules Might Now Allow Hijab on House Floor.

Normally, I tend not to disagree with Rush Limbaugh very often, but I believe that with a recent Facebook post, he's needlessly causing a fuss over nothing.

When posting a link to his comments on Democrats' plans to change a House rule that bans the wearing of hats on the House Floor, in order to accommodate Minnesota Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar, a Muslim who wears a headscarf, he added this line above the Facebook entry :

"A 181-year-old rule in the House of Representatives says no religious head wear may be worn. She’s the one challenging that."

Naturally, thousands of comments were left on that post - most probably ridiculous and over the top. Of course, I didn't read all of the more than five thousand comments, but those I did read were highly critical of changing the 181 year old rule in order to accommodate a Muslim - separation of Church and State and all that.

If one were to take a moment to do a bit of research, it becomes pretty clear that the ban has nothing at all to do with "religious headwear". Put simply, it's a ban on hats and all head coverings while on the House floor.

I don't really see the harm in allowing female Muslim members of the House of Representatives to wear a head scarf, if they choose to wear one. That's contrary to one comment, however, which reads:

"She will brazenly wear her hijab. And NO ONE will stop her. Muslim Privilege. IT will be the DEMISE of America and Western Civilization".

There were also comments on the (current) ban on yarmulkes, like this one:

"Why do we have to change our rules/laws to accommodate when Jewish members never asked asked [sic]."

I'm no authority on Jewish law, but it is my understanding that there is considerable debate as to whether or not wearing a yarmulke at all times is required. I'm quite sure that, had a Jewish member of the House felt he was required to wear one, he would have been accommodated.

The current ban would also apply to House members wanting to wear baseball caps in support of their local team. House members from Massachusetts can't wear Red Sox caps to celebrate their team winning the World Series this year. That would probably suit the New York and Los Angeles Representatives just fine.

I'm sure the rule change will be supported by all House Democrats - there may be some grumble from a few House Republicans. The shoe would've been on the other foot, so to speak, had a newly elected House member asked to have the ban dropped in order to allow him to wear his MAGA cap.

It would then be the Democrats supporting the 181 year old tradition.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Mango Shake from GRAVI TEA at DAD'S Gastro Park

Dad's Gastro Park, located on E.J. Blanco Drive in Dumaguete, is a food court housing a number of kiosks serving food and drink.

For today's mango shake review, I choice a business called GRAVI TEA located in the center of the food court.

I have nothing negative to say about this shake; it was quite good. It's priced at 65 pesos - about average for the area. It's taste and texture reminded me of slightly melted home made ice cream that we made in small town Georgia.

The only odd thing I can mention is the plastic cover put onto the cup after it was filled. The covering did not suit the shot I had in mind when I photographed the shake.

DAD'S Gastro Park is a bit out of the way to get just a mango shake, but if you're there getting food from another kiosk, I'd certainly recommend the shakes at GRAVI TEA.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The Mango Yogurt Shake from KBOB Restaurant.

My last mango shake review was of the shake I bought at KBOB Restaurant on Silliman avenue across from Four C Fitness Center.

As I mentioned in that review, I didn't like their mango shake one bit, but I did not like having to write a bad review. The main reason for my dislike of their mango shake is the lack of dairy in the shake - making it more of a slushy. I didn't mention in the review that the restaurant also sells a mango yogurt shake for 100 php. I went back today to give that shake a try.

I'm glad I did. This shake has a very flavorful yogurt taste and texture. Nothing in Dumaguete compares to it. If you enjoy yogurt - and I do - this has to be tried. There's no hiding the yogurt in this shake.

Just as I said you should avoid the regular mango shake at KBOB,  but I highly recommend the mango yogurt shake.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Mango Shake from KBOB Restaurant

I'm not quite sure how long KBOB restaurant has been open, but I've only recently noticed the business. Located on Silliman Ave. between Perdices and Rizal Blvd. the cafe is right in the middle of things.

The place - and the Korean owners - seem nice. I really hate giving this cafe a bad rating, I only tried the mango shake and can't write about any other items on the menu. Unfortunately, I didn't care for the mango shake I got there. Like the shake from Fruitas, it was more of a slushy and less like a shake. It really didn't taste like mango flavor either. As much as I dislike giving bad reviews, I'm going to say avoid the mango shake at KBOB.

Mango Shake from Scooby's & The Bean Connection

As I mentioned in an earlier post, there's more than one Scooby's in Dumaguete. My last mango shake review was the shake I got at Scooby's Fastfood on San Jose Street across from the Hotel Nicanor. Today's review is of a shake purchased at Scooby's and The Bean Connection located on Silliman Avenue.

Now, one would expect the mango shakes from two Scooby's to be pretty much alike. You couldn't be more wrong. The shakes I bought are completely different.

As I said in the earlier review, the mango shake from Scooby's Fastfood was both good and inexpensive. It seemed to me, however, that the shake did not contain any dairy.

The same isn't true of the mango shake from Scooby's and The Bean Connection. That shake contained dairy was a true shake. Exclamation point. This shake also contained a lot more fresh mango.......bumping the price up to 110 pesos, the second highest priced mango shake I've come upon. I have to say that this one is one of my favorites now. It's far and away much better than the mango shake from Senorita's Mexican Grill, which isn't much cheaper.

I have no idea why the words "Fat Tuesdays" is printed on the cup.