Friday, February 24, 2017

Christine Wildfire

I mentioned in an earlier post that reading book #5 in the list of the top ten best sellers of 1917 would be like pulling teeth. The book is Wildfire by Zane Grey. I'm not a particular fan of Westerns, but  I've slogged my way through 50% of the novel. It's as boring as I thought it would be; I've made it a goal to read all ten of the novels and I'll finish this one, come Hell or high water.

In order to make my way through Wildfire, I've begun reading #6 - Christine by Alice Cholmondeley (Elizabeth von Arnim). I've only just begun Christine but it is a pleasant change of pace. In spite of the fact that the novel is not as it was presented to be in 1917, von Arnim has become one of my favorite writers, and the character of Christine is very charming. Presented as truth in 1917, the novel is actually an anti-German propaganda piece written to encourage the Americans to enter World War I on the side of Great Britain.

As I said, I'll continue to slog my way through the Zane Grey novel, but switching over to von Armin from to to time should make it easier.

Dumaguete's New One Way Streets

In order to get a handle on the horrific traffic problems in Dumaguete, the powers that be have initiated a plan to increase the number of one way streets in the city. Prior to the initiation of this plan, three of the four main north/south arteries - Rizal Blvd., Perdices, Real and Cervantes streets - were already one way from 6 AM until 8 PM. Now, a number of streets running east/west, which had previously allowed traffic in both directions, are now one way only.

The police in Dumaguete had recently begun to take double parking seriously. This increased enforcement had eased some of the traffic snafus and many are hoping the new one way streets will improve the situation even more.

Yesterday, my wife and I had reasons to travel into the city twice. That morning, I needed to go to the immigration office on Dr V Locsin street to get information concerning my annual report due soon. It was around 9:30 AM as we passed Lee Plaza - the traffic appeared to be flowing smoothly. It's difficult to say from this incident how well the traffic will improve; at that time of day, the traffic in front of Lee Plaza isn't usually a problem.

In the afternoon, I drove my wife to the Manulife office near Robinson's Mall. This would be the ultimate test of the new traffic regulations. Unfortunately, the bridge crossing the Banica river on Perdices street is being widened now, and this repair work is causing a traffic jam around the Ceres Bus terminal. However, other than the jam caused by the bridge repair, the traffic on the south side of town seems to have improved slightly.

All in all, I'd say the one way street scheme appears to be of some help. It will bring about a on my old routes for getting from A to B, but I can adapt.

Yes, the one way streets have helped, but I'm afraid the traffic situation won't be 100% smooth flowing until something is done about the number of tricycles in the city and until the city deals with the lack of parking spaces available for automobiles.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Toy Car

The owner of this blue VW Beetle, photographed this morning on Hibbard Avenue near Silliman University, obviously believes it to be a toy car.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A New Blue VW Beetle

I came upon this baby blue VW Beetle while driving west on E Rovira Dr - not far from Ms Ann's Foodtown.

The color reminded me of a baby blue VW that I photographed in December. However, this Beetle has white bumpers and running boards, while the December Beetle did not. Not only that, I met the owner of the December Beetle and he is not the type to drive a vehicle with chipped paint.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Melania's "Lord's Prayer" Evokes Typical Responses.

Melania Trump opens a Melbourne, Florida Trump rally by reciting the Lord's prayer and the reactions are just as we'd expect.

The anti-Trumpers are condemning her for committing the worse offense imaginable from a Leftist's prospective, while not surprisingly, Fox News came to her defense.

Some of the nicer criticisms came in the cries guessed it....."separation of church and state". But as sanely points out, the First Lady did what several U.S. Presidents (from Obama to George Bush) have done - demonstrate their Christian faith publicly and openly. Besides, not being an elected official, Melania Trump is not the government.

I know that there are some who are declaring that this is the end of world as we know it, as Trump's Fascist Dictatorship takes over. Others are proclaiming that America has returned to its Christian roots and Greatness.

Most everyone is over reacting.

To the Trump lovers, I'd point out that not everyone prays the Protestant version of the Lord's Prayer. I would have rather she not done it, but I'm not having a conniption over this. To the Trump haters, I'd just say, "Relax and breathe. Take a chill-pill and give it a rest".