Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Twenty Million Views

It's been several months since I last reported on the number of views my photos uploaded to Google Maps have received. In December of 2020, the total views had surpassed sixteen million. Yesterday, I received an email notice from the folks at Google Maps, letting me know that the number of views my photos have received are now over 20 million.

They wanted to let me know that I'm a "top photographer" and I had accomplished something very few have done. Of course, I receive nothing from this, other than bragging rights.

Be that as it may, I want to list my top five photos on Google Maps (with links provided for each of the five).

In reverse order of views, the top five are:

#5 - Holy Child Hospital in Dumaguete.
#4- Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital
#3-St. Paul University Dumaguete
#2-Negros Oriental State University
and #1- the building formerly known as Silliman University Anthropology Museum.

I'll be publishing this post on two of my blogs - the one which is banned from Facebook, and my Dumaguete blog.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Ad Placement


After publishing posts on all three of my blogs, concerning problems I was having with Google AdSense, I was finally able to post ads on all three. Coincidence? I'm sure.

Still, all is not perfect. Although the settings for the different blogs are the same, there are differences in ad placement.

With sorryalltheclevernamesaretaken ads are located along the side columns and between posts. This is the case whether the post is read via the main page or via a link to an individual post. With dumaguetewebsite, there are ads along the columns and between posts, but only when one is on the main page; no ads at all on individually linked posts.

On robertsimms ads are only available along the side columns.....none between posts, and only when one is on the main blog page.

The only blog that has ad placement the way I want (completely) is sorryalltheclevernamesaretaken and unfortunately, that blog is banned from Facebook. If I want my readers coming from Facebook to see my ads (on the un-banned blogs) I have to be creative in placing the links.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

More About Ads

Not long after posting yesterday about my problems with Google AdSense, ads began to magically reappear on this blog. However, I noticed something odd about the appearance of these ads.

 When one arrives at this blog via a link to an individual post [ The Piggery: Day Three or Hello, Dalai for example ] AdSense ads do not appear on the individual post. However, if one arrives here via the main link - - the ads appear. Quite a lot of ads, actually.

I suppose there's some sort of super-duper code that needs to be added. I'll have to look into that.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Where Are the Ads?


For reasons unknown to me, although my Google AdSense account is supposed to be active for this blog, there are currently no ads being displayed.

As I wrote on another blog, I have to ask, Is Google AdSense Worth the Hassle?

Friday, March 26, 2021

Government Stimulus Checks Bring Out the Scammers


There was once a time, many, many years ago when a good portion of this blog dealt with my misadventures attempting to scam the scammers. I would use one or more Yahoo email addresses to correspond with what are generally referred to as Nigerian scammers.

In those by-gone days, I would use characters such as Wanda Tuinphro, Misty Meaner, Fred and Lamont Sanford and a host of others, to keep these scammers occupied - usually leading them down a rabbit hole.

I had a website which I would use to create fake news sites to make some of my tall tales more believable. Unfortunately, I no longer have that website, so links in those earlier blog posts lead nowhere.

The last of these adventures ended in 2011 with Capt. Eddie Shields.......Nigerian Scammer. I had become bored and no longer interested in maintaining these charades.

Of course, like everyone else with an email account, I continue to get the occasional scam-spam.

I received one recently which had me scratching my head. Could there be folks so gullible as to believe some of these obvious swindles. I'm sure there are quite a few people who are upset at not having received the latest stimulus payment from Uncle Sam. There will be, of course lots of bad guys looking to take advantage of the situation by sending fraudulent emails; but, seriously - look at the return email address on the scam email photo at the beginning of this post. Does anyone think that such a bizarre email address would come from some U.S. Federal agency set up to assist people?

An email coming from QPVYBPBW...@ndvfsqyrh etc. should set off alarms for anyone. I'd really hate to think that this scam is successful. Surely, people can't be this stupid......can they?