Sunday, May 24, 2015

With the Legalization of "Same-Sex Marriage" in Ireland...........

.......the word "Gaelic" takes on a whole new meaning.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

In Defense of Larry D.

Let me go ahead and get this part out of the way; I've been a fan of Larry D and his actsoftheapostasy blog for several years now; long before his recent arrival at or even the wordpress version. I go back to the days when he was using to host his blog.

In all those years, I don't think I've come across any post he's written that has generated as many negative comments as his post entitled Getting Men Back To Church: It’s About Discipleship, Not Dickscipleship. Several of the comments were downright nasty.

Larry D had given us six signs of what he believed to be unproductive forms of evangelization, which he called Dickscipleship - as in being a dick. That's not the way I would have gone about it, but the six signs were pretty accurate and I believe most of the criticism directed toward him was over the top.

Larry D has always tried to inject humor into his stuff. Like all humor, sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Although many of the negative comments referenced his "vulgarity", I suspect it may have been his remarks concerning the Extraordinary Form versus the Novus Ordo that actually struck a nerve with the folks who wandered over from

One fellow named Stephen wrote in the comment box, that Larry D's blog post had been linked to Pewsitter. Stephen believes that the link brought "tens of thousands of people" to Larry's "diatribe". That number seems a bit high to me, but it does go a long way in explaining why so many of the comments were hostile.

It'll all blow over in a day or two. Pewsitter will upgrade it's page, removing the link and their storm troopers will have forgotten all about Larry D. Things will soon be back to normal.

Climate Change Quote.

From an article at al Jazeera concerning climate change:

"It’s unclear weather casting climate change as a national security issue will lead to a bipartisan effort to tackle the problem. For now, though, the military appears to be taking the issue seriously on its own".

That's the worst spell of whether we've had in ages.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Horsemeat Post Update.

When events change, I do my best to keep up. Looking at my Google Analytics this evening, I discovered that someone in Mechanicsville, Virginia had recently visited my blog, landing on a post from December, 2011 - Let Them Eat Horse Meat.

In that post, I reported that, in 2005, President Bush had signed into law an appropriation bill which had removed funding for USDA inspection of slaughterhouses which choose to slaughter horses for human food. I also reported in that post that a bill, signed by Obama, reversed Bush's ban on horse slaughterhouse inspection.

I wanted to find out if anything had changed over the last few years regarding this issue. Doing an Internet search, I discovered that in 2014, President Obama signed a bill that would block the resumption of commercial horse slaughter in the U.S..

As I said in my earlier post, I don't have a beef with people who choose to eat horse meat. According to a wikipedia article, more than 4.7 million horses are eaten every year. Who are we to argue?

Maybe one day, we'll see the Chick-fil-A cows with signs reading, "Eat mo hoss".

Boy Scouts of America......No Ban on Stupidity.

Those who have read this blog for a while know that I am less than happy with the direction in which the Boy Scouts of American are headed.

Anyone reading anything regarding the BSA should not be surprised to learn that BSA policies prohibit pointing simulated firearms at people and "yes, that includes water guns".

According to the 2015 Boy Scouts of America National Shooting Sports Manual,

1) "Water guns and rubber band guns must only be used to shoot at targets, and eye protection must be worn."

2) "Pointing any type of firearm or simulated firearm at any individual is unauthorized. Scout units may plan or participate in paintball, laser tag or similar events where participants shoot at targets that are neither living nor human representations."

Why the rule?

Bryan On Scouting says, "A Scout is kind. What part of pointing a firearm [simulated or otherwise] at someone is kind?"

The BSA manual places water guns in the same category as crossbows, grenades, cannons, blow guns, spears and shovel throwing.

Shovel throwing?

Is that a big problem in the BSA?

With paintball and laser tag, the scouts may shoot at targets provided the targets are not "living nor human representations". You can aim these "simulated weapons" at targets, but not at targets that look human?

Look, I understand safety. I realize some things have to be banned for safety's sake, but they're not talking safety here......the BSA is regulating the use of water guns because pointing something that is shaped like a gun isn't "nice".

I'm sorry, but water pistols are not the gateway to killing. Can we have a little common sense here?